About the Delaware SPCA

Our Mission

To enhance the well-being of companion animals with their human care-givers and communities. We promote the humane treatment of animals by providing adoption opportunities, low-cost veterinary services and educational programs.

What We Do

The Delaware SPCA plays a critical role in our state. We operate a shelter in Stanton that will soon begin to take in hundreds of animals a year, many of which are in urgent need of care and medical attention before they find new homes. We’re also Delaware’s largest provider of low-cost spay/neuter services, providing pet owners access to spay/neuter at little to no cost!

As a private non-profit, work we began in the late 19th century continues today thanks to the support of the community and concerned citizens like you.

Our History

The Delaware SPCA was incorporated in 1873 in response to the mistreatment of livestock being led to market in the city of Wilmington.

The late 1890’s saw the society begin its contract with the city of Wilmington for dog control, establishing a relationship that continued until early 2014. The same period also saw the Delaware SPCA begin its work of encouraging humane education in schools.

The Delaware SPCA was based in Wilmington until 1963, when operations were expanded and a new shelter was constructed in Newark.

In the early 1970’s, the Delaware SPCA Sussex Chapter was formally annexed, and the Georgetown shelter was opened on August 1, 1972. In 2004 the Georgetown shelter was renovated and equipped with a neutering clinic, allowing the Sussex Chapter to offer low cost spay/neuter services to area residents.

The Newark location was moved again in 1973 to the location of the Stanton shelter when the previous property was annexed for an expansion of the New Castle County Airport.

In 2009, the society opened the Jane R. Haggard Spay/Neuter Clinic located at the organization’s headquarters in Newark. The clinic was the first of its kind in Delaware, providing high-volume, high-quality (HVHQ), low-cost spay/neuter services to the public and rescue groups.

In early 2010, in keeping with the commitment to end pet overpopulation, a new spay/neuter van was acquired, and provides transportation of animals across the state to the clinic, removing access as a barrier to services.

In 2011, a second HVHQ spay/neuter clinic was established at our Georgetown clinic to expand our services to all of Delaware. In 2011, we neutered 7,200 animals, more than any other provider in Delaware.

In 2014, the Delaware SPCA had its best year ever for adoptions! We set an organizational record with over 2,200 animals finding new homes through our adoption program!

In 2017, the Delaware SPCA’s board decided to close down the Georgetown shelter and focus solely on our Stanton location.

The Delaware SPCA reopened its Stanton shelter for spay/neuter and veterinary services at the beginning of 2017.

Our Programs


The Delaware SPCA will re-open for adoptions at our Stanton Shelter soon!  Follow us on the Delaware SPCA Facebook page for more updates and information about our re-opening.

Spay/Neuter Clinics

We provide high-quality, affordable spay/neuter services at our clinics. Please call us for more information or click here. Special programs are available for people that receive public assistance.

Vaccination Clinics

Low-cost vaccination clinics are held monthly in New Castle County. Rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations are available, as well as microchipping. For more information, click here.

Pet Food Pantry

The Delaware SPCA has a free pet food pantry for pet owners who are on hard times and need a helping hand. To learn more about the Pet Food Pantry please click here.

Wellness Clinic

The Delaware SPCA offers affordable veterinary care with a variety of services including, physical exams, nail trimmings, blood work and more! Appointments are available and start at just $35. Please call us for more information or click here.