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Delaware SPCA Reopens Low-cost Spay/neuter Clinic to Serve Sussex County

The Delaware SPCA is pleased to announce the reopening of its low-cost spay/neuter clinic at its Georgetown Shelter.

Dr. Rebecca Trejo, joining the staff in May, and the surgical team are experienced and highly skilled, having attended specialized training with Humane Alliance in Asheville, North Carolina. The clinic, which is designed to process more than 5,000 spay/neuter procedures annually, had closed temporarily in late 2012 when it lost its veterinarian.

“This is one of the most crucial times of the year for spay/neuter services,” said Chris Motoyoshi, director of development, Delaware SPCA. “Kittens as young as four months, and puppies as young as five, can go into heat and become pregnant. It’s these accidental litters that end up in animal shelters with no place to call home. We are thrilled that Dr. Trejo has joined our team and look forward to having the clinic up-and-running at full capacity.”

The Delaware SPCA, which can provide up to 10,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually across its two clinics (Georgetown and Newark), is the largest provider of spay/neuter services in the state and one of only 115 clinics nationwide that are members of the Humane Alliance National Spay/Neuter Response Team. Humane Alliance offers a nationally proven model for spay/neuter clinics that are designed to provide affordable, high-quality services while working to end the epidemic of euthanasia of unwanted pets.

Delaware SPCA also accepts State of Delaware $20 spay/neuter vouchers, which are available to any state resident who receives public assistance.

According to Bob Harrison of Just Us Cat & Kitten Rescue in Rehoboth, the re-opening of the Delaware SPCA’s spay/neuter clinic is tremendously beneficial to animals and people alike.

“The clinic is a huge boon for this community. It is convenient for drop-off and pick-up, it is less stressful for the animals because they don’t need to be transported to another facility, and it is one of the very few low cost options in Sussex County for spay/neuter services,” said Harrison. “Very few veterinarians in this part of the state accept the state vouchers, so this clinic is very important to us.”

To schedule an appointment, or to find out more, please call 302-856-6361 in Georgetown or 302-998-2281 in Newark.