Kids and Youth Groups

Thank you for your interest in helping animals! Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn, have fun and give back to your community. At the Delaware SPCA, you must be 18 years or older to work with or around animals. However, there are many other ways to help the animals at our Stanton shelter.

Plan a Fundraiser

Since the Delaware SPCA relies on private donations to operate our shelters, money is always a welcomed gift! Organize a fundraiser at your school or in your neighborhood, and donate the money you raise to the Delaware SPCA. It’s easy to get started. Follow these simple steps…

  1. Pick a fundraiser you want to plan such as:
    • Have a bake sale or lemonade stand
    • Organize a dog or car wash
    • Have a dog treat sale
    • Organize a yard sale
    • Organize a read-a-thon (ask people to donate money for each page or book you and your friends read)
  2. Make flyers to promote the fundraiser
  3. Hand out the flyers in your neighborhood, local stores, your church, or at your school, etc.
  4. Tell people you know that you are doing a fundraiser and get them involved (family members, friends, neighbors, teachers etc.)
  5. Remember to say thank you to those who helped you.
  6. Remember to always ask permission from parents and teachers before starting any fundraiser event. Always work with friends and be safe.

Become a Foster Family

While our hands-on volunteer positions at Delaware SPCA have an 18 years old requirement, becoming a foster family is fun for all ages.  A parent will need to be the “foster parent”, but the whole family can get involved.

Foster families provide a temporary home for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs in need. These families provide food and care to homeless animals that are either too young or sick to be adopted right away. Learn more about foster care and get started today.


Collect any type of recyclable items (aluminum, glass, printer ink cartridges, etc.) which can then be turned in for money to be donated to the Delaware SPCA. If your school or group is already involved in a recycling program, perhaps you could choose a specific month or two to donate funds to the shelter. How about May? The first week of May is officially designated as “Be Kind To Animals Week”.

Wish List Drive

Collect items from our wish list and donate them to the shelter to directly help the animals.

Coin Drive

Hold a coin drive with a clever name such as Pennies for Pets, Dimes for Dogs, or Cash for Cats. Place the canisters (with your teacher’s permission) in your classroom to collect money for the animals.

Youth Work Party

Occasionally we need help with landscaping and grounds work – spreading mulch, weeding, planting flowers – or other special projects. If this is something you are interested in, please call for opportunities.

We are grateful for any way you chose to help our furry friends.


Homemade cat toys or small cat/dog blankets for our shelter animals.

Questions? Contact our volunteer coordinators:

Stanton Shelter – 302-998-2281

Please note: It’s important that we hear from the person interested in volunteering, not the parents. Thank you!