Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping is a quick, non-surgical process that involves injecting a sterile microchip-about the size of a rice grain-between a pet’s shoulder blades.

Each microchip has a unique code that, once registered online, becomes part of a national database. When an animal is found and brought to a shelter or veterinarian and scanned for a microchip, if the pet is microchipped, the special number is read and checked against the national database. If the chip is registered, the owner’s information will be displayed and they can be contacted directly.

Each year, more than 10 million pets are lost and more than half are not wearing collars or ID tags by the time they reach a shelter. Collar and tags can break or become unreadable and tattooing can become illegible. So, if you want to improve your pet’s chances of getting home fast and safe in case it goes missing, microchipping is your best option.

The Delaware SPCA offers microchipping services using 24PetWatch® Pet Protection Services as permanent identification for pet-owner reunification.