Success Stories

The Delaware SPCA has helped thousands of pets find their new forever homes. Have you adopted from us? Email with a high resolution picture of your Delaware SPCA alumni and a short story about them and you could see your pet featured on our Success Stories page!


My sister Pat and I adopted Sparky from the Delaware SPCA Georgetown shelter in September, 2015. Sparky was originally called Fisher when we adopted him, but he had so much energy that we immediately gave him his new name. Sparky (Fisher) had ringworm on his tail, and was in a special walk-in cage at the shelter. We noticed him partly because of his distinctive mustache, but also because he was very eager to “show off” for us, climbing on the various cat towers. After we exited the special cage, I commented to all the faithful volunteers who look after the cats that I wondered if the cats know why we are visiting them. Just as I said that, we noticed that Sparky had followed us as we left the cage, and his face was pressed against the cage door. That was our message that he wanted to be with us.  After we took Sparky home, we began to apply medication to his ringworm using a Q-tip, in small doses so he would not lick it. He was completely cured in a short time.  He enjoys playing with our other two felines, Fortunato and Nicey, and specializes in ambushing them!


This is Rocky (left, formerly known as Hoss) we adopted him in February (2015) and he’s been such a love bug, makes us laugh everyday and we love him with all our heart. He’s very playful, loves being with his brother Kobe who’s also a boxer, they run and run, it’s none stop at our house! He loves being outside, going for walks and swimming which he eventually got used to. He has the cutest over bite that melts his mommy and daddy’s heart. He’s a great family dog and were so lucky to have him!



We adopted Charlotte (second from left, formerly known as Lilly) from the Delaware SPCA Georgetown Shelter in November of 2013. She has been such a super dog since the day we adopted her. She just turned 4 on July 11. We enjoy her every single day!!! She is shown with her best friend Max who we rescued that August from another rescue…he is 1 1/2. They are inseparable! She gets along great with our 11 year old, Bella and our cats too!!! Thank you to all of you who made the adoption happen! We couldn’t love her more!!


My wife and I adopted buddy on October 2014 from the Delaware SPCA’s Stanton shelter. He has been a wonderful addition to our home. He plays with our other adopted Pit “Max” and our Boxer “Lilly” as if they grew up together as puppies. He loves having a large fenced in yard to run around and do his “zoomies.”
Our pet sitter absolutely loves him. The first night we brought him home, I slept with him in a different room to get him acclimated. When we hit the bed, he gave me a ton of kisses and a big hug. Almost a year later, he still gives me a big hug every night.