Wish List

Food Items

  • Any brand dry dog/cat/puppy/kitten food
  • Any brand wet dog/cat/puppy/kitten food
  • Milkbone regular dog biscuits (not basted)
  • Kitten and Puppy Milk Replacer Powder (KMR)
  • Kitten Bottles

Comfort Items

  • Microwavable heating pads (e.g. Snugglesafe)
  • Fleece blankets
  • Beds
  • Bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths
  • Dog Crates – XL
  • Cat Carriers
  • Kuranda Dog and Cat Beds (www.kuranda.com/donate)
  • Thundershirts for dogs
  • Feliway Diffuser kits for cats
  • Baby/small children pools

Care Items

  • Dawn dish detergent
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Gauze
  • Neosporine
  • Pet Gates
  • Cat break-away collars
  • Thermometers
  • Pet nail trimmers
  • Dog or cat brushes

Play Items

  • Stretch and Scratch cat scratchers for cat cages  http://www.stretchandscratch.com/
  • Nylon Dog Leashes and Collars for Large Dogs
  • KONG – Extreme XXL dog toys
  • Boomer Balls/Jolly Balls
  • Nylabones – Large
  • Sports balls (soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls)
  • Cat Toys

Office Items

  • Staples Gift Cards
  • Large trash bags
  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Binder clips (all sizes)
  • Copy paper
  • Index Cards – pink and blue
  • Manila folders
  • Staples or large paperclips
  • AAA Batteries
  • Label maker
  • Tools – cordless drills, ratchet set, wire cutters, tape measure, needle nose and regular pliers


Special Needs:
Please consider a cash donation earmarked for one of these items:

  • $500+ for new washers/dryers (or used items in good condition)
  • $500+ for cat traps to help with TNR


Purchase supplies or equipment from our Amazon.com online wishlist, and they will ship the item directly to us. Thank you for giving a paw a hand!