Adoption Pricing

When you adopt a pet, you save lives.

Our adoption process is designed to help you find the perfect match in a pet. We’ll work with you to ensure that this new lifelong commitment starts off smoothly with a successful transition – for both of you!

Whether you are looking for a jogging partner, a cuddle buddy, or a playmate, our matchmaking adoption process was created to find a companion that complements your lifestyle. When searching for a pet, consider what your lifestyle, activity level, and home environment is like and look for an animal that is suitable for you.

With your adoption fee, you get a lot for free!

Every animal adopted from Delaware SPCA has received the following:

  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Comprehensive wellness exam
  • Age-appropriate vaccinations
  • Microchip for lifelong identification
  • De-worming and flea preventative
  • Heartworm test and preventative for dogs
  • Voucher for a free follow-up wellness exam at area VCA hospitals post-adoption


  • Puppy (Up to 6 mos.): $450
  • Puppy (6 mos. to 1 year): $250
  • Adult (1 to 8 years): $200
  • Adult Pit Bull (1 year or older): $150
  • Senior (8 years or older): $100

Note: Adoption prices may vary for highly desirable dogs, including specialty or unique breeds and dogs under 25 lbs.


  • Kitten (Up to 1 year): $95
  • Two Kittens: $125
  • Adult (1 year or older): $60
  • Two Adults: $95
  • Senior (8 years or older): $25