Adoption Process

When you adopt a pet, you save lives.

Our adoption process is designed to help you find the perfect match in a pet. We’ll work with you to ensure that this new lifelong commitment starts off smoothly with a successful transition – for both of you!

Whether you are looking for a jogging partner, a cuddle buddy, or a playmate, our matchmaking adoption process was created to find a companion that complements your lifestyle. When searching for a pet, consider what your lifestyle, activity level, and home environment is like and look for an animal that is suitable for you.

Step 1 –  View our adoptable animals

We have many wonderful dogs & cats awaiting their new home, and they’re all on our website. See if anyone catches your eye—but be sure to read their bio, which has important information on their likes and dislikes! If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to make suggestions!

Step 2 – Fill out an adoption questionnaire

We highly recommend filling out an online adoption questionnaire ahead of time to expedite your visit! Our goal is to find the best match for you, as well as for the animals in our care—so we may suggest other animals that we think are a better fit.

If you are unable to fill out a questionnaire online, we have paper copies available in person.

Step 3 – Visit us during adoption hours

When you arrive at our Christiana location (455 Stanton Christiana Rd), our front entrance will be OPEN! From there, one of our staff members will greet you and ask if you have submitted your online questionnaire already. If you have, you will be paired up with an adoption counselor and escorted to our meet and greet areas to spend time with possible matches. If you have not, we will ask you to do so before being able to meet possible adoption candidates.

For dogs:

  • We require the primary caregiver to meet the animal before adoption
  • We highly recommend children under 10 years-old to meet the dog, and may require it for some dogs
  • For some dogs, such as dogs with special medical or behavior needs, we may require all members of the household to be present
  • If you have other dogs in your home, we highly recommend you bring them in for a meet-and-greet, supervised by one of our animal care specialists. You must show proof that your current dog is up-to-date on their Rabies vaccine before they can meet our dog.

For cats:

  • We require the primary caregiver to meet the cat prior to adoption
  • We highly recommend any children under 10-years-old to meet the animal, and may require it for some cats
  • We do not allow meet-and-greets between our adoptable cats and your resident pets, but can instead counsel you on how to introduce your pets safely at home

What to bring:


  • your driver’s license or a state-issued ID with your current address showing you are at least 18-years-old

  • one proof of address (piece of mail or bill matching your ID)

  • if bringing your resident dog for a meet-and-greet, you must bring a copy of their rabies certificate


If you do not bring all required documents, we will be unable to process the adoption. We do not place holds on adoptable animals.

Step 4 – Adopt!

Once the adoption has been approved, you pay the adoption fee and take your new friend home for a lifetime of love!

(Many of our animals are ready to go home same-day. For animals with medical or behavior considerations, we may require additional meet and greets or counseling prior to adoption.)

Please Note: 

Filling out an adoption questionnaire does not guarantee adoption. We reserve the right to deny any adoption if we believe it is in the best interest of the animal.

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