Adoption Process

When you adopt a pet, you save lives.

Our adoption process is designed to help you find the perfect match in a pet. We’ll work with you to ensure that this new lifelong commitment starts off smoothly with a successful transition – for both of you!

Whether you are looking for a jogging partner, a cuddle buddy, or a playmate, our matchmaking adoption process was created to find a companion that complements your lifestyle. When searching for a pet, consider what your lifestyle, activity level, and home environment is like and look for an animal that is suitable for you.

The Adoption Process

Finding your new best friend is easy:

  • Step 1. View our pets and complete an adoption questionnaire! This can be done right here on our website or in person at our shelter. Due to COVID-19, adoptions are by appointment only. Once your application is submitted, we will contact you in 1 to 3 business days to schedule an appointment to meet. We might suggest a different animal if there seems like a better match out there for you.
  • Step 2. When you visit the shelter, be sure to bring your driver’s license or a state-issued ID with your current address showing you are at least 18-years-old, as well as one proof of address (piece of mail or bill matching your ID). If you own your home, we’ll verify ownership with the county. If you rent, we’ll need a copy of your lease to confirm pets are allowed. All names listed on the deed or lease must authorize the adoption. If applicable, we may request veterinary records for current or previous pets.
  • Step 3. Meet & Greet! We strongly prefer all members of your household to be present at the meet-and-greet. At a minimum, we require the primary caregiver and any children under 10-years-old to meet the animal. If you’re adopting a dog and have other dogs in your home, they’ll also need to come in for a meet-and-greet, supervised by one of our animal care specialists. You must show proof that your current dog is up-to-date on their Rabies vaccine before they can meet our dog.
  • Step 4. Once the adoption has been approved, you pay the adoption fee and take your new friend home for a lifetime of love!

Please Note – Adoption showings end about ½ hour prior to closing. We reserve the right to request a home visit or deny any adoption if we believe it is in the best interest of the animal.

We are pleased to accept online applications for dog adoptions and cat adoptions.

Once you submit your application, we will contact you to schedule a time to come in to meet with the animal you are interested in adopting. Note that we accept multiple applications for each animal; submitting an application does not guarantee adoption or place a hold on the animal. The adoption is approved only after meeting with the animal and one of our adoption counselors. Please review our adoption requirements to ensure you have the necessary supporting materials when you arrive at the shelter!

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